Surrendered & Untamed

“I felt a sense of urgency / a lion come alive in me/ in revelation of your love”… So begins the album Surrendered & Untamed. This is the latest project from Jason Clark, formerly of Fringe. Having released albums for Jesse Sprinkles (Poor Old Lu) Sad Puppy Records, Bulletproof Records, and the now-defunct RA Records, Clark, in particular, is far from a newcomer.

Jason was joined by former Fringe bandmates Jeremy Cole, Eric Perry and Charlie Townsend. Surrendered & Untamed is the obvious evolution of Fringe. Clark sounds very inspired on this record, invoking a feeling of intimacy that is very rare these days. While the band manages to create a sound all their own, certainly fans of artists like Pearl Jam, Mutemath, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Frank Hart, U2, and Remy Zero will find a lot to like about Clark and Surrendered & Untamed.

The album opens with the celebratory “My Beautiful Song”, which stands up to the best artistically minded musicians that music has to off. It’s lyrics a study in passion and zeal. It only gets better from there, each track epic in theme and grandeur. Both lyrically and instrumentally, the album is wildly creative and builds an atmosphere of awe that lends itself to sincere worship.

What shines the most on this album is the songwriting. These are great songs; they are songs that mean something. They search, they hope, they fear, they beg for change. Bono once said that the only music worth listening to is the music made by those who are either running to or away from God and Clark and company are unquestionably running towards Him with their hearts and minds open.This album is simply astounding and will lead you as far into the presence of God as you are willing to go.

Surrendered & Untamed was recorded with Randy Everett at Terminal Studios and Montreal Mountaineering Club and officially released in 2006.