One More Day To There

This was Fringe’s second studio record. Written and recorded by Fringe, it was produced by Randy Everett from Terminal Studios in Jackson MS and mixed by John Hampton at Ardent Studios in Memphis TN. This album was recorded with Jason Clark – acoustic guitar and vocals, Eric Perry – drums, Jeremy Cole – bass, Charlie Townsend – electric guitars and Shawn Harnish – electric guitars.

Fringe had several guests in the studio. Jason’s sister, Aimee Perry, sang on a couple tracks and really adds to “Sacrifice.” Jason’s wife, Karen, also makes a beautiful appearance on that song. Albert Lamar played the flute on “One More Day To There” and makes it the bands favorite song. Jason’s favorite moment on the album is when Randy Everett played the haunting guitar solo in the middle of “Keep Me.”

Sadly, this album was never released. The label lost its distribution just as the band was wrapping up the recording. The label sought a new distribution deal but eventually dissolved.

The album, against the band’s wishes, went to press under the title “Sacrifice.” While the label was a wonderful group of people who greatly believed in Fringe and sacrificed along with the band to see their musical aspirations realized, at the end of the day this album never released.

The band had wanted the title “One More Day To There.” And so, years after the band broke up, Jason posted an online version of the album online for free under that title. As far as cover art, the painting by Magdalena Wanli perfectly captures the beautiful hope the band felt while recording this album.

The album was completed in 2002 and has yet to be officially released.