The Zebra – chapter six

chapter six THE ZEBRA The Zebra I was recently at a service where the speaker told a fable. It went something like this. There were four fellas; they each wore different-colored glasses, red, blue, yellow and green. They stood at … Read more


A Measureless Invitation

From Jason’s New Book Book GOD IS (NOT) IN CONTROL The Whole Story Is Better Than You Think “…Control is a word that defines a great deal in the finite understanding of earth. It is a word that can be … Read more


The Devastation of Control

Control, it’s the first lie the snake used to describe God. It exposed Adam and Eves nakedness. It’s the introduction of condemnation and shame, the origin of the law of sin and death, the birthplace of every religious thought and … Read more


A Relational Theologian

I am not the systematic theologian with letters in front of his name. I am a relational theologian; a son, a husband, a father, a brother, a friend – I am loved and I love. I’m not interested in debate … Read more


The Whole Story is the True Story

Had she the ability at the time to articulate with words, she would have said I was acting like a controlling sovereign. Instead she screamed, arched her back, kicked her legs and started crying. She acted just like a three … Read more


Unraveling The Universe

Years ago I was wrapping up final edits for my book, Prone To Love. I had sent the manuscript to several close friends, pastors, authors and leaders I love and highly esteem. I requested both editorial thoughts and endorsements. I … Read more


If God Is Good…

If I type into Google’s search bar, “If God is good…” Google will finish my search with the following suggestions. …why is there suffering …why do bad things happen …why is there evil These questions reveal something sad and devastating … Read more

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