Prone to Love


Imagine with Jason Clark – Episode One // Anthony Skinner

The Skinner’s have been great friends to the Clark’s for many years. I was introduced to Anthony’s music on my first trip to Bethel Church is Redding CA 11 years ago. He quickly became one of my favorites. I remember … Read more


A Family Story – An Introduction

Hello friends! Over the last several years I have had the honor of connecting with many of you, the church deep and wide. I have shared in the story of our Father’s love at home and in my travels. I … Read more


God Forgive Us For Judging When We Were Created To Love

You probably know about the prodigal son. Jesus told the story, its found in Luke 15. It went something like this. There was a father. He had two sons. The youngest asked for his inheritance. The father gave him a … Read more


If God Is Good…

If I type into Google’s search bar, “If God is good…” Google will finish my search with the following suggestions. …why is there suffering …why do bad things happen …why is there evil These questions reveal something sad and devastating … Read more


Resurrection And Transformation!

There was a snake. He could talk. He made a suggestion. It was a lie. Eve believed the lie. The lie? God is about control and He is keeping something from you. His love isn’t perfect. He isn’t always good. … Read more


Prone To Love – Bonus Gifts Extended!

It’s been an incredible few months for the Clarks – from recording an album to releasing a book, from vacation with family to traveling and sharing the message of Prone To Love! And then there is all the amazing life … Read more


Dear Reader, Thank You

Months earlier I had sent in the final manuscript for Surrendered & Untamed. After four years of writing that book I had discovered that writing a book was hard work, and also, just because one journey is complete doesn’t mean … Read more


Heaven’s Crush EP Teaser

I am thrilled to let you all know I have a new album coming out! Its the first in 8 years and its good! I started recording with my brother in-law Eric Perry and then moved over to Ben Canon’s … Read more


Love Trumps

Prone To Love, Chapter Three – Bigger Than The Future Excerpt – Love Trumps “If I could give one hope, new breath to an old song. It’s a yes that births a more that never ends.” Jesus didn’t come to set … Read more


Prone to Love – Forward by Lloyd Clark

My dad and mom are my hero’s. Prone to Love is as much their message as it is Karen, the kids, and mine. Their faith and love have empowered us to trust and lived loved. There was no one else … Read more

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