In 1999, with his best friend Eric Perry, Jason started a band named Fringe. Eventually they were joined by Shawn Harnish and Jeremy Cole. Over the next seven years they released two albums, “For The Vagabond Believer” “One More Day To There”.

In 2006, Jason released a solo album, “Surrendered & Untamed”.

Over the next eight years, writing took on a new but no less mysterious form – books.

In March of 2014 Jason added depth and beauty to the discography with the release of a four song EP entitled “Heaven’s Crush.”

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There is one truth that burns in me; one purpose I’m designed for, one hope that won’t disappoint; God is love, His love is always good, and I exist to become sure. I have stood in Loves downpour, Heaven’s Crush…

Surrendered & Untamed is the latest project from Jason Clark, formerly of Fringe. Having released albums for Jesse Sprinkles (Poor Old Lu) Sad Puppy Records, Bulletproof Records, and…

This album was Fringes second studio record. Written and recorded by Fringe, it was produced by Randy Everett at Terminal in Jackson MS, and mixed by John Hampton at Ardent in Memphus TN…

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