Months earlier I had sent in the final manuscript for Surrendered & Untamed. After four years of writing that book I had discovered that writing a book was hard work, and also, just because one journey is complete doesn’t mean the story is over.

One day I asked God if I should write another book, but I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure I wanted to write another book.

The joy and connection to my Fathers heart had become so real when writing. It had become a part of our love language; one of the ways I could tell Him how much I love Him. And one of the ways I was discovering how He loves.

So when I submitted the book idea to God, I was a little unsure on whether it was a good idea. I didn’t want to disrupt the wonder of our writing times together with thoughts about, well,  you, the reader… no offense.

The difference between writing a book and a journal is who reads it later. When I write a book, if I do it well, you, the reader, are invited into my journey. You feel what I feel and see what I see. And along the way, hopefully, you discover new insights into who God is and your own story.

To write a book is hard work, I have to get vulnerable, put myself out there, suggest things that might be uncomfortable, for both you and me. Plus there’s the hours, days, months, years of  trying to capture a thought or communicate a feeling. There is a contending that happens when I write, for you, the reader. A faithful plodding, and believing; and there are moments of doubt. And then after all that, there are the agents who say “maybe later” and the publishers who say no.

So, I well remember the day I asked God if I should invite you into our writing times. And I remember His immediate “yes!” His encouragement was so overwhelming, I had to stop what I was doing to catch my breath. In that moment I sensed that this would be the most important thing I would ever write.

That was four years ago. I have felt my Father’s good pleasure over this book from the very first word. And while I couldn’t have given you the title that day, while there wasn’t a synopsis, I can say that in the last four years I have been transformed through the prone-3d-cover-tallwriting, and discovering, and living of this book’s message.

The book is titled Prone To Love and it releases with Destiny Image on Tuesday Feb 18th.

And I believe it truly is the most important thing I will ever write. The message of this book has become the foundational thought that my life revolves around. It’s the transformational revelation that my life exists within.

This book is about the always good love of my heavenly Father. He loves me! And I know it, and I’m becoming sure. I’m being changed, I’m being restored, and renewed.

The discovery of His love is my one passion, my life’s true ambition. Over the last four years I have been graced to write about it, to become convinced His love is the answer to all the questions, it’s the one sustaining joy, it’s the power of heaven to earth, and it’s the glory of sons and daughters. He loves me and I exist to become sure!

I hope you read this book. I hope it’s written well. I hope you can feel what I feel, and see what I see, and along the way become sure in the Fathers love. I hope that you discover your own story – He loves you, perfectly, completely, and always.

Dear reader, I want to thank you for the honor of writing this book for you. It’s changed my life.

–  Jason

P.S. – You can get it here: Books-A-Million • Family Christian Stores • Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Mardel