Prone To Love


The Whole Story is the True Story

Had she the ability at the time to articulate with words, she would have said I was acting like a controlling sovereign. Instead she screamed, arched her back, kicked her legs and started crying. She acted just like a three … Read more


Nothing Can Separate Us from His Love

I have prayed when my wife Karen starts to get a migraine, “Father, heal Karen’s migraine in Jesus name.” And we have thanked and praised Him for His always-good love as the headache that typically becomes a migraine fades away. … Read more


God Does Not Want Control

My 10-year-old boy and I had a talk last night. Ethan had briefly forgotten who he was and in that moment he said some things to mom he didn’t truly believe. I met him in his room. “Ethan, I don’t … Read more


A Simple Theology

I love to write in coffee shops—the laid-back atmosphere, people meeting other people, most of the time happily. I also happen to be a fan of coffee. I’m not sure who first discovered it, and I refuse to Google it. Some … Read more


God Forgive Us For Judging When We Were Created To Love

You probably know about the prodigal son. Jesus told the story, its found in Luke 15. It went something like this. There was a father. He had two sons. The youngest asked for his inheritance. The father gave him a … Read more


The Father Never Turned His Back

Do you know that there is only one time throughout the gospels that Jesus refers to God in first person as God? Every other time He referred to God as Father. Jesus was on the cross when this happened. In … Read more


If God Is Good…

If I type into Google’s search bar, “If God is good…” Google will finish my search with the following suggestions. …why is there suffering …why do bad things happen …why is there evil These questions reveal something sad and devastating … Read more


God Is Not About Control

God Is Not About Control Over the coming months I hope to write a series of articles that address the misunderstanding that the sovereignty of God has something to do with control. There is a lie regarding God’s nature that … Read more


Five Signs You May Be Serving An Angry Displeased God

Five Signs You May Be Serving An Angry Displeased God “This is my Son, whom I love, with Him I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17). This is the message the Father spoke over Jesus that launched Him into public ministry. … Read more


Prone To Love – Bonus Gifts Extended!

It’s been an incredible few months for the Clarks – from recording an album to releasing a book, from vacation with family to traveling and sharing the message of Prone To Love! And then there is all the amazing life … Read more

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