Heaven On Earth

The Kingdom of heaven operates from a different core value than earth. While earth revolves around the reality of need, heaven exists in the revelation of Love. Everything in the kingdom of heaven, operates, hinges, and moves in Love – … Read more



Excerpt taken from Let’s Go Find This Kingdom Come – Chapter Six – For the month of JUNE this chapter, in it’s entirety, will be online at the link above. There are some references to the chapter in this blog, … Read more


Discovering His Presence

Excerpt taken from Let’s Go Find This Kingdom Come – Chapter One I lay in bed with Ethan last night. His head pillowed on my arm. We listened to the storm blowing just outside his window. Ethan is my nine-year-old … Read more


Always-good love

I have prayed when Karen starts to get a migraine, “Father, heal Karen’s migraine in Jesus name.” And we have thanked and praised Him for His always-good love as the headache that typically becomes a migraine fades away. I have … Read more


A Message From My Father

My heavenly Father is speaking right now, can you hear Him? My Dad says… “I love you. I love you when you are high and when you’re low. Do you believe me? I love you when you mess up; I … Read more

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