The Zebra – chapter six

chapter six THE ZEBRA The Zebra I was recently at a service where the speaker told a fable. It went something like this. There were four fellas; they each wore different-colored glasses, red, blue, yellow and green. They stood at … Read more


A Measureless Invitation

From Jason’s New Book Book GOD IS (NOT) IN CONTROL The Whole Story Is Better Than You Think “…Control is a word that defines a great deal in the finite understanding of earth. It is a word that can be … Read more


The Promise

This is an excerpt from my new book Untamed, A Fools Guide to Surrendered Faith.    The Promise Peter is one of my favorite fellas from the Bible. I can often find my story in his. He was a favorite … Read more


A Warning and an Invitation

For months I prayed, and wondered, and talked with Karen about who I should ask to write the forward to my new book, Untamed, A Fools Guide to Surrendered Faith. Even though we have yet to meet face to face, Allen Arnold … Read more


Bathtubs or Oceans

“I stood on the edge to see what I could see Told my heart to never forget Your Spirit birthed in me” When Eva was two, we went on a beach vacation. Weeks before the trip, the whole family told … Read more


Prone to Love – Forward by Lloyd Clark

My dad and mom are my hero’s. Prone to Love is as much their message as it is Karen, the kids, and mine. Their faith and love have empowered us to trust and lived loved. There was no one else … Read more


Surrendered & Untamed E-Book Only $1.99 Oct 14th – 20th

Hey all, Baker Publishing is offering my last book Surrendered & Untamed in E-Book format for $1.99 this week only, Oct 14th – 20th! Please help me sell it by Tweeting, Facebooking, calling your Grandma and of course buying it. The more … Read more


I Exist To Know His Love

If there is anything I have learned over the last thirty something years, its that the question of identity is not only the theme of Jesus’ story, it’s ours as well.  My story and yours will continue to be one … Read more


A Matter Of Trust

Below is an excerpt from my book Surrendered & Untamed, Chapter Nine – Learning To Dance A Matter Of Trust “Simon (Peter) I’ve prayed for you in particular that you not give in or give out. When you have come through … Read more


Becoming Sure…

I spent the weekend of the 10th and 11th at DreamHouse in Newport News. Scott and Charrisa Crowder are the pastors there and are amazing friends to us Clarks! We so love them and our whole DreamHouse family! This blog … Read more

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