Monthly Archives: May 2014


A Message From My Heavenly Father

My heavenly Father is speaking right now, can you hear Him? My Dad says… “I love you. I love you when you are high and when you’re low. Do you believe me? I love you when you mess up; I … Read more


The Way God Sees

I was just about to pack up to leave Starbucks. I had been writing. Anthony Skinners song, Wide Open, was playing through my headphones. “Lord we come to you, with hearts wide open…” Anthony’s voice is golden. Hey Jason!” A … Read more


Through The Valley

I had an article release with RELEVANT yesterday. Its titled, 5 Signs You May Have A Wrong View Of God. You can check it out by clicking HERE. In the comment section I was asked by a reader named Ashley … Read more


If God Is Good…

If I type into Google’s search bar, “If God is good…” Google will finish my search with the following suggestions. …why is there suffering …why do bad things happen …why is there evil These questions reveal something sad and devastating … Read more

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