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Let me tell you how it is between my wife and me. We could be driving down the road or sitting on the couch watching Community when suddenly I am gripped with a revelation of how amazing Karen is. I … Read more


Resurrection And Transformation!

There was a snake. He could talk. He made a suggestion. It was a lie. Eve believed the lie. The lie? God is about control and He is keeping something from you. His love isn’t perfect. He isn’t always good. … Read more


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Heaven’s Crush – Free @ NoiseTrade Check out this review by Mark Fisher from “Jason Clark returns with his first new music in many years. The former Fringe frontman also has a solo album entitled Surrendered & Untamed which also became the direction … Read more


Jesus Loves You, But I’m His Favorite

Do you know who wrote the gospel of John? John did—I looked it up. Do you know that three times in the gospel of John, he refers to himself in third person? Each time this is revealed as “the one Jesus … Read more


God Is Not About Control

God Is Not About Control Over the coming months I hope to write a series of articles that address the misunderstanding that the sovereignty of God has something to do with control. There is a lie regarding God’s nature that … Read more

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