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Bad Hamburguesa – Becoming Sure

This message is one that has been burning in my heart for the last year. The book I am wrapping up carries the same revelation. I believe it’s a game changer! I shared this Oct 26, 2011 at His House … Read more


Catch That Thief Named Obligation! By Aimee Clark Perry

My sister Aimee posted this blog today. I have re-posted it here. Aimee is amazing! She is carrying such a revelation of Gods love that just talking about the weather with her can change your life. To read more of … Read more


Practiced in His Presence – S&U Excerpt

I turn my face to a blazing sun Your glory falls, Your Kingdom comes I was leading worship years ago the day the church had a guest speaker I highly respected. When I lead worship, most of the time my … Read more

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