Monthly Archives: October 2011


Face to Face

Scott Crowder hit record. I’m glad he did! I sang this Sunday morning at RCC in Newport News VA. While there are a few flubs, I think the spirit of the song shines.   Face to Face I turn my … Read more


Whats For Dinner?

I woke up this morning wondering whats for dinner. All day long, I have been asking my Father that question. Whats for Dinner – Ethan came to me last night, I was in the living room, sitting on the couch … Read more


Well Done – Part Five, Stewardship & Faith

This is the last part to the series, for now. It will be breezy and fun once I finish the chapter…but for now, its “just the facts ma’am” (as the saying goes). And you have to be pretty old to … Read more


Well Done – Part Three & Four, Parable Of The Talents & The Stewardship Gospel

Here is another section from a chapter I am writing currently titled “Well Done” Parable Of The Talents There was a master with three servants. He was going on a journey and he called them to Him and gave each … Read more


Well Done – Part Two, Thirty Years Becoming Sure

These “Well Done” sections are from a chapter that is still in processes, but I wanted to post a little more here as I hope to have a message up shortly where I go further into this revelation. Love to … Read more

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