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Love Done Well

I gave a message at Restoration Christian Center in Newport News VA, July 2011. This church is an amazing family that loves God in world changing fashion! Scott and Charissa Crowder are the pastors and are astounding people! We had … Read more


The Show …That Changed Everything

This was the show we had dreamed about. It was our audience; they knew our songs. The club owner loved us; the sound guy was a fan. Smoke ghosted every corner like smoke does. The club was well over maximum … Read more


Karma – By Lloyd Clark

My dad just stood “Christian Karma” on its head. He wrote a blog on his Facebook page, its so good I had to put it up on my blog. Karma – Lloyd Clark Karma- The one common theme that all … Read more


16 Years Baby!

I don’t remember the exact first time I told Karen I loved her. I do remember the first time I kissed her. It didn’t go like I’d hoped. We both attended a Bible College where the most physical contact allowed … Read more


Surrendered and Untamed – Book Review

Using a combination of Biblical and personal stories, Clark embarks upon a wild ride, a wild ride called faith. This isn’t John Eldredge and Wild at Heart; far from it. This is a call to be whom we are designed to be, to live our faith as God wants us to live it.

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