Monthly Archives: July 2011


Northern Lights – Pre-production

And the journey begins… my friend Jacob Early and I spent a few hours working on a demo of a song I wrote several years ago. It’s my first attempt at pre-production – the process by which I will demo … Read more


Donald Millers, The Open Table – An Invitation to Walk with God

In early 2010, my brother Joel asked me if I would be interested in writing the guide book to the second offering of Donald Millers “The Open Table.” …


And Before the Coffee is Fully Brewed…

Anthony & Mary Keith Skinner recently visited the Clark’s. It was like streams in the desert. I hadn’t realize how lonely I’ve felt for the past several years until I was sitting across the table with a new friend. I … Read more


The Oscillating God

The Philippines is the hottest most humid place I have ever been in my life. New Orleans in July doesn’t hold a candle to its suffocating heat… I lay in my homemade sleeping bag, a queen size sheet that Karen … Read more

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