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“To love God is to love His voice.” Mark Batterson – Primal I started reading Mark Batterson’s new book “Primal” last week. Its Christmas and life has been busy, challenging and wonderful all at the same time. Honestly, regardless of … Read more


New Song – Northern Lights

Well, I am playing again! I have had some of these songs brewing for years now. This one is already celebrating three. I’ve had no outlet and no grace… “But the times, they are a changing.” It seems good to … Read more


Lightning On The Lake

This summer I did some jet skiing. We bought the skis a few years back and they have been nothing but fun. Its exhilarating, that first trip of the day, flying over the water. I always find my soul praising … Read more


John Mark McMillan – Skeleton Bones

I had a chance to go to a filming of a John Mark video for the song “How He Loves” a few weeks back. Don’t know when that one will be released but I look forward to seeing it. This … Read more


Maddys New Book!

My oldest daughter is the most beautiful person I know, she almost outshines her mom. She is my favorite… I have four favorites in total. There is nothing more amazing than listening to her tell me about her day, or … Read more



I recently heard Don Miller speak about how this God journey we are on is kinda like a story. I love reading Dons books and hearing him speak, he not only makes me giggle, he also has some wonderful things … Read more

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