Monthly Archives: October 2009


To Love in Turn

So, I have been writing like mad these past few weeks. Its been an odd thing this, but I suddenly have two books due – crazy right? Anyway, I have been posting the daily devotionals that will be edited at … Read more


He Loves Me Best – for the joy set before Him…

I was reading the gospel of John several years ago. Somewhere along the way I realized that John – the author – had a unique way of referencing himself. Three times he wrote about himself in the third person, as … Read more


The Pee Tyrant

Have you ever just wanted to tell a story but you have no context. Well this is one of the stories that was originally edited out of the S&U book. However, I am working on final edits right now and … Read more


Eva’s Bible – Love Poem

I had in my possession an amazing holy historical artifact – my Grandma Eva’s Bible. My dad finally sequestered it but not before I had a chance to read through and scan some of the contents. This was her bible … Read more

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