Monthly Archives: June 2009


Kingdom Come

Taken from Matt 13:46 There was a fella who knew of a treasure that was buried in a field. This treasure was greater than any treasure any mind could conceive. It was beyond imagination. The treasures name was Truth. This … Read more


No Condemnation

Jesus was walking into Jericho when he sees the little man in a sycamore tree. “Zacchaeus come on down. I’m going to your house for dinner,” Jesus says. The Bible tells us that Zacchaeus was a bad man and he … Read more


The Furious Longing Of God

I remember the first time I read Brennan Manning. My dad had been talking non-stop about this new book “The Ragamuffin Gospel.” We were all – my brothers and sister, Karen and I – over at my parents for a … Read more


One Reason Why I Write…

At the age of eighteen having already been a King for more than half his life, Josiah sent his man, Azaliah, along with a clean up crew into the temple to tidy the place up. Israel was at this point … Read more

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