Monthly Archives: April 2009


The Chill

Last night I felt the “chill.” I gave my music to God five years ago and he has hidden the chill from me ever since. There have been moments in these last five years when I wondered if I would … Read more


Write Now

Write Now… I am at the coffee shop; I have a latte and my Mac Book, which I understand is essential if you wish to be a “writer.” I have my headphones on and I have enough Indy music to … Read more


Hunger, Hiddeness & A New Song

Years ago, on a mission trip in South Africa, I led a worship service at a Christian school. One of the songs we sang was “Hungry.” The chorus goes “We are hungry for more of You” (Jesus). At first the … Read more


The Tale Of Despereaux – The Re-telling

Last night we watched “The Tale Of Despereaux.” Karen had just finished reading the story to Maddy and Ethan the night before so there was much excitement for this showing. Teeth were brushed and pajamas put on. We pulled out … Read more


You Would Think Id Have Learned This Earlier In Life

But its come to my attention that people tend to believe what I tell them. For instance, people believe me when I say “no, I don’t want the last piece of blueberry pie.” Or “I’m not very smart. Or “I’m … Read more


“Daddy, I See A Ociton”

Today, Eva –my two year old – and I went to the “city town.” On the drive in, I began to sing an old song. I hadn’t heard it in years. For some reason it popped into my head. As … Read more

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