Monthly Archives: January 2009


“The Lawn Mower Incident”

A few years ago I turned thirty and began to have an awful realization. I still fight it, but not with as much blind rage as I used to. My realization was this, “I may not be invincible.” This thought … Read more


The Returning Misionary

I found a few old articles I had written several years ago for a Missions Outfitter online magazine mail out. They had been written fresh off a mission trip to the Philippines and I thought they were pretty good. I … Read more


The Open Table

Just wanted to note that Donald Millers “The Open Table” was released on Friday of last week. Switchvert produced the DVD for this book/workbook. They did a great job. I would also like to note that the DVD features one … Read more


Chapter Four, Part 5 – Several Months Later

On a Saturday morning our kids came into the room and got in bed with us. After the customary “good mornings” and “how did you sleep” and while the kids scratched my back, Maddy told a story about a friend … Read more


Chapter Four, Part 4 – Chinese Food and Learning How to Pray

Tuesday or Wednesday night is Chinese food night at my house. Karen calls and orders our favorite, chicken and broccoli with added green beans and hot and sour soup. Then Maddy, Ethan and I go pick it up. The Chinese … Read more


Chapter Four, Part 3 – LAX Cont…

Do you know who wrote the Gospel of John? It’s not a trick question. John wrote it. See. Do you know that three times in the gospel of John, he refers to himself in third person? Each time, he refers … Read more


Treat your waiter kindly…or else…

Ok, I was writing today and couldn’t seem to make any headway… sometimes when I run up against a wall, I will just start writing from memories. The other day I was retelling a memory from my waiting table days. … Read more

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