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    • There was a snake. He could talk. He made a suggestion. It was a lie. Eve believed the lie. The lie? God is about control and He is keeping something from you. His love isn’t perfect. He isn’t always good. … Read more


Prone to Love

Get ready to enter a hidden door that opens to a world saturated in God’s love.

If you’ve been around Christian circles long enough, you have heard the phrase, “child of God.” As believers, we use language like this all the time describing our relationship with the Father…



About Jason

Jason Clark is a singer/songwriter, an author, a speaker, and a pastor at Crossroads Church in Concord NC. He has served as a worship leader and has recorded three albums, the latest entitled Heaven’s Crush.

He has authored Prone To Love” and Surrendered & Untamed – A Field Guide for the Vagabond Believer

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  • Prone To Love
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